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Custom Donation Pages

Personal pages to give a sense of ownership to your biggest supporters.

Interact first-hand with your organization’s biggest supporters. Create fully customizable peer-to-peer fundraising pages. Send them to family and friends from an unlimited number of campaigns.

Post on your website or social media, and view on any computer or mobile device.

Relationship Tracking

Build friendships, grow your mission. Harness the power of your donors’ relationships to further advocate your cause.

Use GiveMobile’s analytics to track your most supportive donors’ efforts. Patron Value Rank will:

  • Identify which donors are the most valuable to your bottom line

  • Track personal, fundraised, and networked donations for each donor

  • Identify donors who have influenced the most networked donations

Live Reporting & Updates

Immediately access new donor information, right from your computer, and track campaign analytics in real-time..

  • Real-time integration with Corduro © CRM

  • 100+ custom nonprofit reports

  • Real-time dashboards reveal key indicators and at-a-glance performance

Social Media Engagement

Expand your reach beyond the ballroom, with Corduro's social media functionality.

Engage guests in your mission by sharing your Facebook and Twitter feeds via your PayMobile account.

Go viral! Allow your constituents to tweet, pin and share every donation, ticket purchase and bid.