Event Management

Create and run events seamlessly with our top of the line fundraising technology.

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Custom Events

Set up an unlimited number of events with single or multiple registration levels. Event Management lets you host with or without required detailed attendee information.Sell fixed price items such as raffle tickets, sign-up parties, merchandise and more. The sky is the limit.

  • Create custom registration and event listing pages

  • Accept all major forms of payment, including all major credit cards, eChecks, and more.

  • Immediate access to funds within 48 business hours

Online Fundraising

Generating revenue online has never been easier through Corduro's PledgeNow. Create unlimited websites year-round to support all your fundraising activities.

Receive and track online donations from your supporters. Establish an online store to provide additional revenue.

Reporting & Analytics

Get a detailed look at your attendees’ information. Examine each Event Management metric in real-time to review updates on:

  • Attendance

  • Payment types

  • Number of tickets sold

  • Tickets sold per registration level

  • Responses to custom questions applied during the checkout process

  • And even more

All your event data integrates seamlessly with GiveMobile's reports and dashboards.

Web/Merchant Portal:

Corduro’s fundraising software takes the thousands of data points collected before, during and after your event and converts them in to actionable items to help you strengthen your mission.

You’re in control of your data, everything that is stored in Corduro can easily be exported for additional external analysis.

With Corduro’s comprehensive reports you’re always in the know.

  • Complete Item Analysis

  • Track Transactions

  • Proceeds by Category

Donor Data Integration

We recognize the importance of maintaining a robust donor database. This is why Corduro’s software allows you to effortlessly move data between our software and the leading donor databases.

Discounts & Coupons

Include event discounts, coupon codes, “early-bird” pricing, and more. Coupon codes and discounts are optional for both events and ticketing.

Auction Support

Manage RSVPs for attendee check-in status and credit cards

You can even add check-in notes for your staff to keep records in real-time.

    Save time at the check in of the event

  • Seamlessly capture guest info, swipe credit cards for express checkout.

  • Instantaneous checkout, emailed receipts, and robust post-event analytics and reporting results in happy guests, volunteers and staff.

At Registration:

  • Give event staff easy access to registrant information

  • Capture additional guest and credit card information

  • Enter onsite ticket purchases

At Checkout:

  • Instantaneous access to revenue transactions

  • No synchronization or import required

  • Offer email or paper receipts

  • Process payments live onsite